MAK ONE Physically Accurate Sensors

SensorFX is a plug-in module for VR-Vantage built by sensor experts JRM Technologies.

SensorFX models the physics of light energy as it is reflected and emitted from surfaces in the scene and as it is transmitted through the atmosphere and into a sensing device. SensorFX also models the collection and processing properties of the sensing device to render an accurate electro-optical (EO), night vision, or infrared (IR) scene.

Introducing SensorFX

Extensive Sensor Coverage

SensorFX enables VR-Vantage to credibly simulate any sensor in the 0.2–25.0μm band, using physically-correct, context-dependent signature and sensor modeling:

  • FLIRs / Thermal Imagers: 3-5 & 8-12um.
  • Image Intensifiers / NVGs: 2nd & 3rd Gen.
  • EO Cameras: Color CCD, LLTV, BW, SWIR.

Signature Effects

SensorFX features a GPU-based real-time image processor that applies engineering-level sensor effects. Models the optics, detector FPA, white noise (NET), 1/f noise, I2 (NEI), signal processing, display, AGC, gain/level, light-point haloing, etc.

MAK ONE is the simulation platform of choice by governments and system integrators around the world as they join disparate simulations into common synthetic environments.

Explore how VR-Vantage fits into these systems by sliding through the illustrations below. 

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Key Features

    • True physical property assignments throughout the 3D environment

      Used for vehicles, terrain, cultural features and atmosphere.

    • On-the-fly, real-time prediction engine

      Used for spectral signatures & atmospherics. SensorFX does not use pre-computed tables.

    • Fast, full-transient thermal models

      In real-time for accurate, time and angle-dependent temperatures, reactive to changes in weather and dynamic states.

  • Innovative, real-time atmospheric path integral

    Based on intrinsic MODTRAN extracted properties.

  • High dynamic range 2D radiance renderings

    VR-Forces’ scripted tasks enable users with only basic programming skills to quickly develop complex tasks, easily coordinate group behaviors, and scriptGUI components in minutes.

Development Options

Options for the development and customization of sensor enabled VR-Vantage applications are also available including a sensor development toolkit as well as a semi-automated material classification tool – GenesisMC.

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