Explore MAK's Robust Ecosystem of Partners and Distributors!

Think of the MAK ecosystem of technology partners, complementary products, and international distributors like the simulation systems we help people make. Our core values of flexibility, extensibility, and interoperability are built into the way we make software at every level – this means that we can partner with companies with great technology rather than rebuild it to be exclusively MAK’s. We can collaborate with other companies to help our customers find the right solution, even if that means that MAK gets a smaller part of the deal. We can support our customers in mastering the simulation arts over the long term, and they become centers of excellence capable of providing even greater solutions for their end-users.

Add-ons and Complementary Products

These help close the gap between the MAK ONE Synthetic Environment platform and particular end-user needs.

Terrain and 3D Content Partners

Explore MAK ONE-compatible terrain databases, high-res satellite imagery, 3D models, and more.

Third-party Technology Used in MAK products

Implementation details about how MAK makes its magic - from geospatial technology, to sensors and radar, to 3D atmosphere, clouds and oceans, and more!

VR/AR Devices and Other Hardware

MAK ONE supports the use of VR/MR devices, including Meta Quest, HTC VIVE Pro, etc., but we have partnerships with two vendors that particularly focus on the defense M&S market.

MAK Global Distributors and Centers of Excellence

Learn more about and connect with our international distributor network.

ST Engineering

ST Engineering